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Look who's this week's Amazing Species!
Tuesday 14 February 2012

This week, the Critically Endangered pygmy sloth (Bradypus pygmaeus) is featured in the IUCN Red List Amazing Species program. We invite you to download the attached fact sheet to learn some astonishing facts about this amazing little sloth!

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Course on the biology, maintenance and medicine of xenarthrans - Lima, Peru
Tuesday 07 February 2012

This theoretical and practical training course will be held (in Spanish) in Lima, Peru, March 30 to April 1, 2012. The objective is to offer updated knowledge on the biology, maintenance and medicine of xenarthrans to ensure the well-being of captive-kept individuals and the best techniques to perform field studies on these fascinating animals. It is directed toward researchers, professionals and wildlife technicians, biology and veterinary students, zoo and wildlife rehab center staff, as we...

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Edentata 12 has been published!
Thursday 26 January 2012

After much work, we are happy to inform you that the latest edition of Edentata, the Newsletter of the IUCN/SSC Anteater, Sloth and Armadillo Specialist Group, is now available free of charge in the Edentata Newsletter section of our website.
In this volume, number 12, you will find seven articles, two short communications and one field note about different aspects related to the conservation of xenarthrans.
We hope you enjoy reading it and encourage biologists, naturalists, conser...

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The mystery of the origin of fairy armadillos is finally solved
Monday 23 January 2012

In a study recently published in Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, IUCN/SSC Anteater, Sloth & Armadillo Specialist Group members Frédéric Delsuc and Mariella Superina solved the riddle of the origin of the two species of fairy armadillos (or pichiciegos). Phylogenetic analyses of these small South American animals showed that both species shared a direct common ancestor and separated about 17 million years ago, supporting their classification in two distinct gene...

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We're back online in three languages - and on facebook!
Saturday 21 January 2012

We're back online! In our constant effort to improve communication with our readers, we are pleased to inform you that our website is now available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. We would also like to invite you to join us on Facebook  to ensure you don't miss the latest gossip from the Xenarthra world!

We're updating our website
Tuesday 08 November 2011

We are currently updating our website and will be back soon. Please be patient. Thank you!


El día 22 de octubre se celebrará el Día Internacional del Perezoso
Thursday 20 October 2011

El Día Internacional del Perezoso nació como resultado del primer encuentro internacional sobre el bienestar y conservación de perezosos, realizado en Medellín, Colombia, en noviembre del año 2010. A partir de este año, el día sábado de la tercera semana del mes de octubre será el día internacional del perezoso.
Como su nombre lo indica, el evento se realizará en diferentes países del mundo, en los cuales...

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SIMPOSIO “Conservación de Xenartros”, Miércoles 9/11, 9 AM, La Plata, Argentina.
Tuesday 18 October 2011

En el marco de la XXIV Jornadas Argentinas de Mastozoología (8 al 11/11, La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina) se llevará a cabo una reunión sobre distintos proyectos de conservación de xenartros.
El Simposio será coordinado por el Dr. Agustín M. Abba y en el mismo se expondrán las siguientes conferencias:
- "La conservación de los armadillos en Bolivia: ¿Prioridad o tendencia oportunista?"  PhD. Cué...

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