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First international conference on sloth husbandry, rehabilitation and veterinary care
Sunday 11 July 2010

Who's in a Hurry? Sloth Conservation and Care

There is an urgent need among sloth rehabilitators and institutions working with sloths to meet, exchange experiences, and develop joint strategies to maximize the impact of their efforts.

For this purpose, Tinka Plese, Director of Foundation Unau, and Monique S. Pool, Chairman of the Board of The Green Heritage Fund Suriname, are organizing the First international conference on sloth husbandry, rehabilitation and veterina...

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The maned sloth is today's Species of the Day!
Saturday 22 May 2010

Today, the IUCN is profiling the maned sloth Bradypus torquatus as its Species of the Day. It's an honor that one of our species is featured on this program right on the International Biodiversity day! Many thanks to our members Nadia Moraes and Adriano Chiarello for writing the species description, and to Adriano for providing the great picture. Please download the attached factsheet to learn more about this endangered sloth.


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IUCN Conservation action tools available online
Friday 19 March 2010

IUCN’s list of ‘conservation tools’ – ranging from the Red List database to guidelines for reintroduction of great apes and even how to draft legislation for sustainable soils – is now available online here . A great source of information for anyone interested in conservation issues!

The silky anteater is today's Species of the Day
Friday 05 March 2010

Today, the silky anteater (Cyclopes didactylus) has been featured as IUCN's Species of the Day. The factsheet, which you can download below, includes a wonderful picture of this charismatic species, taken by our Deputy Chair Flávia Miranda. You will also find a brief description of the threats silky anteaters are facing, as well as information on conservation measures.


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Sloths in the news
Tuesday 09 February 2010

BBC Earth News reported on Bryson Voirin's fieldwork on three-toed sloths on Barro Colorado Island. The article was inspired by the publication "Evidence for three-toed sloth (Bradypus variegatus) predation by spectacled owl (Pulsatrix perspicillata)", which was published by Voirin and colleagues in Edentata 8-10. We're proud that BBC Earth News reads our Newsletter Edentata!


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Armadillo bibliography update
Thursday 21 January 2010

We've added two citations to the armadillo bibliography:The first one is a thesis on the natural history of Chaetophractus nationi, one of the many Xenarthra species of which we don't know much. The second one describes the wildlife trade and use on a local market in Cochabamba, Bolivia; C.nationi was one of the most commonly traded mammals.

PéREZ-ZUBIETA, J. C. 2008. Algunos aspectos de la historia natural del quirquincho andino en hábitats aledaños a tres locali...

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Silky anteaters in the news
Monday 11 January 2010

This week, the Brazilian Conservation Site O Eco is featuring Flávia Miranda's research on silky anteaters. The note includes pictures and videos and can be read here (in Portuguese). Enjoy!

Celebrate 2010, the International Year of Biodiversity, with 'Species of the Day'
Saturday 09 January 2010

With mounting scientific evidence of a serious extinction crisis, it’s time to take action.
In order to increase awareness of the enormous variety of life, and raise the profile of threatened species across the globe, the IUCN has launched The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™ “Species of the Day”.
To coincide with the International Year of Biodiversity, for each day of 2010 this exciting new venture will see a different species bein...

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