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I protect the Brazilian three-banded armadillo!
Wednesday 21 May 2014
I protect the Brazilian three-banded armadillo! And you?
Wednesday 21 May 2014
New book on the Reintroduction of Giant Anteaters in Iberá Natural Reserve (Argentina)
Wednesday 16 April 2014

In 184 pages and with plenty of photographs, this book uses the voices of international scientists and novel local professionals to tell the story of the first reintroduction project with this mammal. It describes such key activities as getting legal permits, the rescue and rehabilitation of orphan or injured anteaters, the release and monitoring in the wild through telemetry and camera traps, and all the activities aimed to communicate and promote the species recovery to society. At the end,...

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Edentata 14 is now available!
Thursday 09 January 2014

We are happy to inform you that the latest edition of Edentata, the Newsletter of the IUCN/SSC Anteater, Sloth and Armadillo Specialist Group, is now available free of charge at Edentata's website.
In this volume, number 14, you will find seven articles, four short communications and two field notes on a wide range of topics related to Xenarthra conservation.
Among many other relevant topics, this issue includes articles on the Xenarthra species of Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Col...

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Bradypus pygmaeus is now listed on CITES Appendix II
Sunday 24 November 2013

Great news: On November 20, 2013, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) included the pygmy sloth Bradypus pygmaeus in CITES Appendix II. This will provide this Critically Endangered species increased protection from illegal trade.

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Article In Press about Cabassous tatouay and Tamandua tetradactyla in Uruguay
Sunday 10 November 2013

We’ve released a new Article In Press entitled “Distribución actual y potencial de Cabassous tatouay y Tamandua tetradactyla en el límite sur de su distribución: implicancias para su conservación en Uruguay” (Current and potential distribution of Cabassous tatouay and Tamandua tetradactyla in their southern range limit: conservation implications in Uruguay). As always, you will find it at Edentata’s website. Many thanks to the authors, Hugo ...

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New Article In Press about Cabassous tatouay
Friday 01 November 2013

We’ve uploaded another article in press to Edentata’s website: The short communication “Novo registro de Cabassous tatouay Desmarest, 1804 para a Mata Atlântica da Bahia, Brasil” (New record of Cabassous tatouay Desmarest, 1804 for the Bahia State Atlantic Forest, Brazil) is authored by Paulo Ribeiro , Catalina Sánchez-Lalinde, Felipe Vélez-García, Alexandre Schiavetti and Martín R. Alvarez.


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October 19 is International Sloth Day!
Monday 23 September 2013

The third international sloth day will be celebrated on the 19th of October! For further information, please have a look at the attached document or contact Fundación AIUNAU at

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