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Look who's this week's Amazing Species!
Tuesday 14 February 2012

This week, the Critically Endangered pygmy sloth (Bradypus pygmaeus) is featured in the IUCN Red List Amazing Species program. We invite you to download the attached fact sheet to learn some astonishing facts about this amazing little sloth!

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Course on the biology, maintenance and medicine of xenarthrans - Lima, Peru
Tuesday 07 February 2012

This theoretical and practical training course will be held (in Spanish) in Lima, Peru, March 30 to April 1, 2012. The objective is to offer updated knowledge on the biology, maintenance and medicine of xenarthrans to ensure the well-being of captive-kept individuals and the best techniques to perform field studies on these fascinating animals. It is directed toward researchers, professionals and wildlife technicians, biology and veterinary students, zoo and wildlife rehab center staff, as we...

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