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Edentata 18 has been published!
Friday 15 December 2017

Dear friends and colleagues,
We are pleased to announce another issue of Edentata! As always, you can download it free of charge from Edentata's website.
This new issue includes 12 interesting articles about the conservation of xenarthrans. Among others, you will find updates on the distribution of these fascinating species in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay; an analysis of priority areas for the conservation of giant anteaters in Colombia; and a review of the effect of roadk...

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New publication: Handbook of sloth husbandry, medicine and rehabilitation (in Spanish)
Wednesday 13 December 2017

The objective of working in common in Latin America should be to share experiences in the hope of improving our profession. Publications appearing in English produced under controlled Zoological conditions do little to improve the status of zoological medicine in the field.
By publishing and distributing this handbook at no cost, Drs Camila Dünner Oliger and Gabriel Pastor Nicolai advance into a small and select group of Xenarthra contributors and researchers, those who truly contri...

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New study validates four species designations and describes three new species of Cyclopes
Wednesday 13 December 2017

The taxonomy of Cyclopes didactylus is marked by a confusing history of new names, with few or no references to types, and new subspecies without any verified geographic correspondence. Our Specialist Group member Flávia Miranda and colleagues reviewed the taxonomy of the genus Cyclopes using an integrative approach that combines morphological, morphometric and molecular data.
In their paper entitled “Taxonomic review of the genus Cyclopes Gray, 1821 (Xenarthra: Pil...

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