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Article In Press about Cabassous centralis
Tuesday 16 April 2019

We’ve released our first Article In Press of the year! “Noteworthy records of the northern naked-tailed armadillo, Cabassous centralis (Cingulata: Chlamyphoridae), in Guatemala, Central America” is a contribution by José Manuel Pellecer,  Julio Rafael Morales and Sergio Guillermo Pérez. As always, you’ll find it on the Edentata website.
We hope you’ll like this interesting contribution!


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Edentata 19 has been published!
Saturday 29 December 2018
Dear friends and colleagues,
We are pleased to announce another issue of Edentata! As always, you can download it free of charge from Edentata's website.
This new issue includes nine interesting articles about the conservation of xenarthrans. Among others, you will find a review of the distribution and status of Paraguayan Xenarthra; updates on the distribution ...

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New Article In Press about giant armadillos
Thursday 08 November 2018

We’ve uploaded another article in press to Edentata’s website:
The short communication “Notes on giant armadillo Priodontes maximus (Cingulata: Chlamyphoridae) distribution and ecology in Eucalyptus plantation landscapes in eastern Mato Grosso do Sul State, Brazil” is authored by Carolina Franco Esteves, Daniel Henrique Homem, Rodrigo Bernardo, and Elson Fernandes de Lima.


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Another article in press!
Friday 03 August 2018

We’ve released a new Article In Press entitled ”Tayra (Eira barbara) predation of a brown-throated three-toed sloth (Bradypus variegatus) in Costa Rica”. This field note is co-authored by Carolina Sáenz-Bolaños, Victor Montalvo, Eduardo Carillo and Todd K. Fuller. You’ll find it on the Edentata website.


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The deadline for submitting manuscripts to Edentata is approaching!
Friday 22 June 2018

The deadline for submitting manuscripts to this year’s edition of Edentata, the journal of the IUCN/SSC Anteater, Sloth and Armadillo Specialist Group, is approaching!
Please send your articles, short communications and field notes no later than August 15 to Please make sure you follow the instructions to authors that are available at Edentata’s website to avoid any delays in the review process.
We are looking forward to recei...

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Another article In Press!
Thursday 17 May 2018

We’re on a roll! We have just released another Article In Press! The Field Note entitled “Predation of a Central American coral snake (Micrurus nigrocinctus) by a nine-banded armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus) in Santa Rosa National Park, Costa Rica” by Eduardo Carrillo and Todd K. Fuller is available at Edentata’s site.
We hope you’ll like this interesting article!


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New Article In Press about agonistic interactions of sloths
Wednesday 16 May 2018

We’ve uploaded another article in press to Edentata’s website: “Agonistic interactions in the brown-throated three-toed sloth, Bradypus variegatus (Pilosa: Bradypodidae), in an urban environment in Rio Tinto, Paraíba, Brazil” is authored by Elaine Pessoa Pedrosa, Arieno Zevêdo De Araújo and Carla Soraia Soares De Castro. Enjoy!


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Raise this Flag for Anteaters – Join us to celebrate the Year of the Anteater!
Sunday 22 April 2018

The Year of the Anteater was launched during the Congress of the Society of Zoos and Aquaria of Brazil (SZB), which took place on April 4-7, 2018. This is a joint initiative between SZB and the Institute for Research and Conservation of Brazilian Anteaters (Instituto de Pesquisa e Conservação de Tamanduás no Brasil, also known as Projeto Tamanduá), which has been dedicated to the conservation of these charismatic species for more than 13 years. The...

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