New publication: Handbook of sloth husbandry, medicine and rehabilitation (in Spanish)
Wednesday 13 December 2017

The objective of working in common in Latin America should be to share experiences in the hope of improving our profession. Publications appearing in English produced under controlled Zoological conditions do little to improve the status of zoological medicine in the field.
By publishing and distributing this handbook at no cost, Drs Camila Dünner Oliger and Gabriel Pastor Nicolai advance into a small and select group of Xenarthra contributors and researchers, those who truly contribute and advance zoological medicine without self-aggrandizement or self-interest.
The handbook has the following chapters: Taxonomy and distribution, anatomy and biology, rehabilitation, husbandry, nutrition, anesthesia, preventive medicine, hematology, clinical pathology, diseases, and therapeutics. The chapters are easy to read and present critical information in a direct and practical manner. Clinicians using this handbook will find it essential when working with these challenging species.
Dünner Oliger, C. & G. Pastor Nicolai (2017): Manual de manejo, medicina y rehabilitación de perezosos. Fundación Huálamo, Chile ( 154 pp. Available at <> and <>

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