Yunga's lesser long-nosed armadillo
Dasypus yepesi

This species is only known from Jujuy and Salta Provinces, Argentina (Vizcaíno, 1995). Its range may extend into Bolivia and/or Paraguay. It has been recorded at elevations between 450 and 1800 m asl. Due to the lack of field studies on this species, no more than nine locations are known.


D. yepesi appears to be tolerant of a variety of ecological conditions from xeric habitats to humid montane forest (Vizcaíno, 1995; Vizcaíno and Giallombardo, 2001; Aguiar and Fonseca, 2008). There is ongoing deforestation in the range of this species.


Due to the lack of field studies, nothing is known about the biology or population status of this species.


The threats to D. yepesi are not known, but it can be assumed that it is used as a protein source and habitat destruction is affecting it negatively.


D. yepesi is listed as Data Deficient as there is no information on its population status and no knowledge of major threats. This species has been recorded in the National Parks Calilegua and El Rey.


Additional information and a complete list of references can be found in: Abba, A.M. and M. Superina (2010): The 2009/2010 Armadillo Red List Assessment. Edentata 11(2): 135-184. This article is available here.

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