Chacoan naked-tailed armadillo
Cabassous chacoensis

C. chacoensis has been recorded from the Gran Chaco of western Paraguay and central Argentina. It has not been observed in Bolivia.


This species is restricted to chaco-seco (thorn forest) habitats (Meritt, 1985). It is not present in cultivated areas.


There is little available information on the life history and other biological characteristics of this largely fossorial species. The abundance of the Chacoan naked-tailed armadillo is not known. In general, it is rarely sighted.


This species is threatened by habitat degradation from agricultural activity, subsistence hunting for food by local people, as well as predation by dogs.


C. chacoensis is listed as Near Threatened given an inferred population decline of about 20-25% over the past 10 years that resulted from habitat loss and hunting. It almost qualifies as Threatened under criterion A2cd. It has been recorded in several Argentinean national and provincial parks, such as Parque Nacional Copo, Río Pilcomayo, Formosa, and Talampaya, among others.


Additional information and a complete list of references can be found in: Abba, A.M. and M. Superina (2010): The 2009/2010 Armadillo Red List Assessment. Edentata 11(2): 135-184. This article is available here.

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