The ASASG recognizes that studying xenarthrans in their natural habitat is a supremely challenging task, and that obtaining funding for such research is increasingly difficult. Given the importance of timely and accurate data from the field, the ASASG has established the Xenarthra Conservation Fund, a small-grants program meant to support short-term field projects. Resources are targeted to projects in countries that contain resident populations of xenarthrans to maximize the impact on xenarthran conservation. The application process is streamlined to provide a quick turnaround and the rapid delivery of funds, allowing prospective researchers to begin their fieldwork within weeks of submitting a successful proposal. Although any qualified researcher may apply, the Fund has a preference for supporting projects designed and carried out by citizens of habitat countries. Preference will be given to projects on species listed in a Threat Category (CR, EN, VU), considered Near Threatened, or considered to be Data Deficient (DD) in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

The Xenarthra Conservation Fund aims at awarding grants between US$ 1000-3000 for projects investigating the ecology, behavior, distribution, genetics and/or demography of xenarthrans, as well as the impact of the wildlife trade and trafficking on wild populations. Exceptional proposals addressing captive breeding or other aspects of xenarthrans in captivity are also considered. The funds will be available to cover specific project costs, such as food, fuel, field supplies and laboratory analyses, but will not be applied to salaries, overhead, infrastructure or outsourced data analysis. Payments will be made directly to the principal investigator of a successful proposal; financial reports will be required, and any funds not directly applied to the specific project must be returned within one year of disbursement.

For more information about the Xenarthra Conservation Fund and how to submit a proposal, please download the full proposal guidelines in English, Spanish or Portuguese. Before sending a grant request to the Xenarthra Conservation Fund, please confirm the availability of funds by contacting us at <>.

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